What’s New for 2018/19

A More Engaging Homeschooling Experience

Based on extensive feedback from families, we’ve dramatically improved the homeschooling experience with new courses and helpful new resources — all while keeping the features you love.


Improvements Include:

  • An easier and more intuitive design for our online curriculum
  • More interactive multi-media resources, including skills-building games, videos, quizzes, and virtual labs
  • New Health and PE courses
  • A teaching framework with more engaging projects that challenge students to apply what they learn in deeper, more meaningful ways
  • Assessments, quick checks, and grading rubrics built right into the online curriculum
  • New features to track your child’s performance and progress
  • Print-on-demand features
  • An enhanced, dedicated support website that puts our tools and resources at your fingertips

We’ve kept everything our families love:

  • Daily lesson plans
  • Step-by-step Lesson Manuals
  • Printed textbooks and workbooks from leading education publishers
  • Worksheets and activities to support deep learning
  • Unlimited support from caring, certified teachers


What’s Changed and What Hasn’t

Explore the chart below. For more information, call us at (913) 684-1540.

Calvert's 2018 curriculum has more features built for families than ever before